Lisa Frederiksen’s Secondhand Drinking programs have offered treatment centers, companies, agencies, schools and professional groups a different approach for tackling an age-old problem, namely alcohol misuse.

More importantly, Secondhand Drinking (SHD) has given voice to the experiences of 90 million Americans directly affected by SHD and the millions more who experience its ripple effects.

These 90 million Americans represent approximately one-third of the American population. They are also five-times the number of people whose alcohol misuse causes SHD. Thus SHD and alcohol misuse likely affect a significant percentage of your event audience.

But there’s power in these numbers and in the concept of Secondhand Drinking – namely the power to radically change our self-perceptions about our ability to change our brains and therefore change our lives – the power to change 90 million American lives.

I have been following the latest neuroscience, stress, mental health and substance misuse-related research for over 12 years and have identified a number of prevention approaches not commonly used, namely framing the issues in terms of 21st century brain research. I simplify this research and present it in a conversational style that explains how the brain:

  • controls everything a person thinks, feels, says and does,
  • develops in utero through age 25,
  • forms brain maps that become our habits,
  • is affected by alcohol or drug misuse,
  • is especially vulnerable to forming destructive life-long habits during adolescence,
  • can be significantly changed by trauma, e.g., adverse childhood experiences (ACEs),
  • is affected by stress, such as that associated with secondhand drinking, which can then contribute to the misuse of alcohol,

as well as the brain’s incredible plasticity – it’s ability to re-wire, to heal – an ability that allows us to change drinking patterns, SHD-coping patterns and stress coping patterns; avoid substance misuse in the first place; effectively treat addiction and mental health disorders and improve one’s overall brain health.

To give you a sense of Lisa’s approach, she shares a 5-minute preview of her online training video covering Alcohol Misuse, Secondhand Drinking and Brain Health & Wellness.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 7.56.08 AM

Click HERE to Watch 5 Minute Preview
(please allow it to load before playing)

A major city Police Department, for example, licensed the use of this training video and made it a mandatory training program to be viewed by its 2,500 employees, contractors and paid interns.  Kaiser Permanente Employee & Physician Assistance Program Northern California, Hawaii and Oregon licensed its use as a CE program for its EAP (Employee Assistance Program) Coordinators.

Regardless of the audience – workplace, parent education groups, community coalitions and the like – this video content is applicable. Lisa also provides a range of customized programs to meet specific audience needs. This link provides a summary of her expertise and recent speaking and training experience.

Invite Lisa to give your next keynote address – perhaps Secondhand Drinking – Your Brain, Your Power, Our Challenge, for example, or contact her to customize a program to address your specific needs.

We had 162 attendees this year at the Houston Chapter—Texas Association of Addiction Professionals (TAAP) 43rd Annual Spectrum Conference on Addiction Studies. Lisa’s keynote entitled: ‘ACEs [Adverse Childhood Experiences], Addiction & the Secondhand Drinking | Secondhand Drugging [SHD] Connection,’ got 5’s (highest rating) in all categories by almost everyone who submitted an evaluation on her presentation! Here are some of the written comments:
• Lisa Frederiksen – very good, new concepts, effective presentation.
• Saturday keynote – Excellent.
• Lisa Frederiksen was outstanding.
• I loved learning about SHD with Lisa!
• Great brain information and information on ACE’s and SHD’s.
• Lisa gave me the missing pieces of the puzzle that I knew always existed.
• Saturday keynote was very interesting and easy to follow.

Sandy Olson, DrPH, CHES, CPS, LCDC, Executive Director – Coalition of Behavioral Health Services, and Continuing Education Chair for Spectrum 2016 Conference Committee
Lisa Frederiksen’s engaging style and highly researched presentation held the attention of 1000 troops as she shared the new research and science on alcohol and the brain and how it is a person can lose control of their drinking. Her non-judgmental approach and enthusiasm for sharing this research put the audience at ease, which made them especially interested in what she had to say.
Gregory Pryor
Alcohol & Drug Control Officer for the Army Substance Abuse Program
Ft. Irwin National Training Center

I first heard Lisa speak on the science of addiction and Second Hand drinking at an evening lecture at Recovery Health Care in Redwood City. Her lecture style and information were so compelling it changed the way I viewed the difficulties facing the non- drinker in the addicted household. I knew that I had issues relating to my family of origin and her lecture explained that “of course I would suffer from physical and brain changes” related to my adaptation processes. She is an excellent speaker, has written several educational books and is truly an advocate for the co-addict in any circumstance.

Kyczy Hawk
Owner, Yoga and Recovery: SOAR training
Lisa Frederiksen customizes her secondhand drinking prevention training program to meet the specific needs of her clients.