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Information to Help Employees Wanting to ReThink Their Drinking

We have a long holiday season in America. It starts just before Thanksgiving and often lasts until January 2 as one family holiday gathering turns into three or four and friend get-togethers multiply to accommodate various friend groups’ celebrations. More often than not, these gatherings involve drinking, and by the end of the holiday season, it’s not uncommon to take stock of one’s drinking.

To help employees who are rethinking their drinking, I’ve provided the following information employers and EAP department directors may wish to share via company or agency Facebook, Twitter, or online employee information feeds.

  • Drinking more than usual?  Do you wonder how much is too much? Check out NIAAA’s RethinkingDrinking link
  • Did you know a bottle of table wine contains 5 standard drinks? Find out how many drinks are in common containers
  • How much ethyl alcohol is in your favorite cocktail? [Ethyl alcohol changes brain function & thus behaviors.] Ck out
  • Want tips for cutting back on your drinking? Check of NIAAA’s ReThinking Drinking interactive worksheets & more…

An Interview That May Help Employees Wanting to ReThink Their Drinking

The host of San Francisco Bay Area’s KPFA Radio show, “Health Matters,” Rona Renner, interviewed me November 28, 2016, for her program titled: Rethinking Drinking.

Together we addressed alcohol addiction as a chronic and treatable brain disease that requires medical intervention, not moral judgment; the difference between the various alcohol misuse drinking patterns; secondhand drinking – the impacts of a person’s drinking behaviors on others; and a host of other related issues raised by callers listening to the show.

To listen to the live show taping, please click here.

Lisa Frederiksen
Lisa Frederiksen has a 39-year career in executive management, consulting, speaking, training and writing and is the founder of and SHD Prevention. She has spent more than 14 years studying 21st century brain research in order to write, speak, and consult on substance use disorders prevention, intervention and treatment; mental disorders; addiction (aka substance use disorders) as a brain disease; adolescent addiction treatment vs adult addiction treatment; effective treatment for co-occurring disorders (having both a substance use and mental disorder); secondhand drinking | drugging; help for the family; and related subjects. Lisa is the author of hundreds of articles and eleven books, including, "Addiction Recovery: What Helps, What Doesn't," "Secondhand Drinking: The Phenomenon That Affects Millions," and “If You Loved Me, You’d Stop!” She is a national keynote speaker with over 25 years speaking experience, consultant, trainer, and frequent guest on radio, TV, and Internet radio shows.
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