Occupational safety, unlawful workplace harassment prevention, new employee orientation, emergency preparedness, diversity, and information security are examples of common employee training programs.

These sorts of programs tell employees what a company or agency considers important for their success and establish optimal workplace functioning and compliance standards.

Lisa’s Secondhand Drinking Prevention consulting programs offer companies and agencies a meaningful compliment and ground-breaking approach to enhance and build on these sorts of training efforts, thereby reducing workplace costs related to SHD, in terms of absenteeism, safety risks, health care, being distracted while at work and not performing in accordance with one’s job description.

Lisa’s approach also gives companies the significant “side” benefits of a reduction in the similar workplace costs related to alcohol misuse, the primary cause of SHD, and stress-related consequences beyond those caused by SHD.

SHD Prevention Consulting For Decision Makers, HR directors and Employee Health, Safety and Wellness Program Leaders

The following consulting contract options are available to you:

  • Contract with Lisa to meet with key Training Program participants for a Customization Exploratory Session following one of Lisa’s training programs. In this session, participants would work with Lisa to identify key issues for your company, such as:
    • preferred training delivery (online, written, podcast, other)
    • training time allotment
    • training material customizations (company executive to appear in opening segment or sign the introductory letter on a printed product)
    • training frequency requirement
    • necessary HR policy and procedure language and implementation training for supervisors and key leaders
    • desired supplemental products (posters, brochures, pocket guides, social networking messages, other)
    • program communication content and design
  • Contract with Lisa to provide a SHD Prevention Implementation module as part of your supervisory training requirement
  • Contract with Lisa to provide a SHD Prevention module as part of your employee orientation or employee training program

Employee SHD and Alcohol Misuse Workplace Ramifications Consulting

One of the most significant costs to company and agency bottom lines is an employee who is not performing their job in accordance with their job description or whose workplace behaviors prevent co-workers from doing the same. As you now understand, SHD and drinking behaviors are two performance-sabotaging conditions significantly impacting your workforce and company bottom line.  Lisa’s expertise in this area can help you:

  • Understand what you can and cannot do and how to implement effective policy to address SHD and off-site alcohol misuse in a manner similar to workplace safety violations, for example
  • Add and/or revise policies, programs and procedures dealing with employee alcohol misuse to reflect current science on drinking patterns, including alcoholism, with self-elect change opportunities built in