Employees view information provided by their company as important for success in the workplace.

This psychological predisposition is what helps make Lisa Frederiksen’s SHD Prevention programs a powerful tool for reducing your employee Secondhand Drinking (SHD) and alcohol misuse bottom line costs.

Find out how much alcohol misuse alone is costing your business each year by choosing your industry, total number of employees, and primary state of business on The Alcohol Cost Calculator.

The dominant strength in these programs is Lisa’s use of cutting-edge research on the brain-body health consequences of secondhand drinking and alcohol misuse. This research is now available thanks to imaging technologies of the recent 10-15 years that allow scientists to study the live human brain in action, over time, under the influence, under stress, after treatment, with mental illness, with lack of sleep and more.

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As remarkable as the research demonstrating what harms or changes the brain is the research that demonstrates a person’s ability to change their behaviors by self-electing to employ key tools to improve their brain’s health and functioning.

This is where Lisa Frederiksen’s SHD Prevention Training and Consulting programs can help.

I am a staunch supporter of Lisa’s SHDPrevention initiative. I have seen first-hand the serious issues related to SHD and the impact in the workplace. Alcoholism and addiction have devastating consequences. SHD issues are equally as serious and should be dealt with as such. Kudos to Lisa for increasing awareness of SHD!

Todd McCollough MS MCM
Director, Marketing, Centene Corporation

Examples of Lisa Frederiksen’s Innovative Training Programs

The following three links share examples of Lisa’s innovative training programs for the workplace:

Examples of Lisa Frederiksen’s Consulting Services

The following are three examples of the type of consulting work Lisa provides:

  • Drafting applicable implementation policies and procedures (e.g., protocols for employees seeking help with a drinking or SHD problem), whether this is additions to an existing alcohol and other drugs’ policy or the development of a new one.
  • Drafting HR policy and procedure language and implementation training for supervisors and key leaders.
  • Creating supplemental products (posters, brochures, pocket guides, social networking messages, other).
Bring a persuasive insight to age-old problems and empower your employees with tools to self-elect change.

An essential aspect in the treatment of addictive disorders is consideration of the needs of the family members, friends, co-workers, etc., who are directly and indirectly affected in a variety of ways. Having more resources available, such as a book on ‘Secondhand Drinking,’ would be beneficial both to the medical community and to those individuals affected.

Steven Kassels, M.D.
Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and Addiction Medicine
Lisa Frederiksen customizes her secondhand drinking prevention training program to meet the specific needs of her clients.