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Given secondhand drinking affects 90 million Americans and alcohol misuse is its primary cause, raising employee awareness about both can change an employee’s health and life.

To this end, I created an online educational video employers can share with their employees, who in turn can share it with their families. What makes this video different than others on these topics is the use of brain science. It is this science – simplified – that can give employees the “ah-ha” information they need to self-elect change.  The change might be to change a drinking pattern in order to stop causing secondhand drinking or to change how one copes with secondhand drinking in order to minimize its impacts on one’s health.

Employers Use Video to Raise Awareness About Alcohol Misuse and Secondhand Drinking

A major city police department elected to use this video. They also elected to film three clips by senior command explaining their opinion of why it was important to watch it. These were added by my IT person to the front-end to make one seamless video. Below is a link to one of the opening clips:


Employee Reactions to Watching Video About Alcohol Misuse and Secondhand Drinking

Below you will find employee comments on what watching this video did for them:

“I found the video and information on SHD extremely helpful.  I do not drink but have a son who is an alcoholic. Learning alcoholism is a disease will help me in how I respond to him, as we attempt to get him help.”

“I never thought I had a drinking problem, but this video helped me realize I do. Seeing the difference between an alcoholic and a person with a drinking problem helped me see I do have a problem with alcohol.”

“Your video opened my eyes to many functions and events I attend such as, ball games and canoe trips where drinking excessively takes place. The relation between alcohol abuse and damage created to the brain was fascinating.”

“I can’t say enough good things about the Alcohol Awareness Video or about Lisa who created it for us! ‘Breaking the Cycle’ perfectly describes what we are attempting to do in our Department and this video is the starting point. Alcohol use is deeply ingrained, accepted, and even promoted, within the law enforcement culture. Unfortunately, this acceptance requires turning a blind eye to the tragic destructiveness that inevitably follows.”

“One Sergeant told me that after watching the video he finally realized that his nightly drinking was not normal, and the effect it was having on his relationship with his kids was much worse than he imagined. He is now taking the steps needed to recover.” 

“The video is also great information to share/use with those outside of work. An officer told me that he was able to use the information in the video to help his wife get her weekly drinking and weekend binge drinking reduced back to normal levels. He said he no longer feels like he’s on a roller-coaster ride with her, not knowing how she is going to act from one night to the next. He went on to say that their almost daily disagreements and arguments have DRAMATICALLY REDUCED to the point that it rarely happens!!!”

To Learn More About Using This Video to Help Your Employees

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